About Us

About Us

Kirsty Fertile Mind

Hi, I’m Kirsty!

I created Fertile Mind in 2019, whilst undergoing IVF treatment due to endometriosis. Adopting a positive mindset enabled me to enjoy the process (as much as you can!) and celebrate every milestone.

IVF, fertility, endometriosis and more…

Surrounding yourself with positivity is key to creating and preserving a positive, Fertile Mind.

The Fertile Mind brand was created to support all the warriors out there – whether you (or a loved one) are going through IVF, battling endometriosis or any other life troubles, illnesses and challenges… we’ve got your back!

Pineapples are a key symbol of fertility, strength and good luck, which is why they are a key part of the Fertile Mind brand.

What we offer

The heart of the business is our range of IVF milestone cards. We also offer fertility and positive affirmation cards, as well as endometriosis awareness cards and prints. We have recently expanded Fertile Mind to celebrate pregnancy milestones and labour affirmations. And, there’s more to come!

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