Pineapple IVF cushion cover - linen-look

New products (and more to come!) – tote bags, cushion covers and coasters

We’d like to share our new products with you! We’ve been working very hard, perfecting the designs, materials and finalising the products ready to offer to the big wide world!

Introducing our…

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Pineapple IVF products

Our ‘be a pineapple’ IVF tote bags and IVF cushion covers are printed onto luxury linen-look material, using the best vibrant inks too. Our premium wooden IVF coasters are available with ‘IVF warrior’ and ‘be a pineapple’ wording.

Endometriosis products

Our new ‘endo warrior – fight like a girl’ design is available in our luxury linen-look endometriosis tote bags and endometriosis cushion covers. We also have the same design, with two other options for our premium wooden endometriosis coasters.

Positivity coasters

We love these vibrant designs. Our positivity coasters are available in two designs; ‘think positive, be positive’ and ‘positive vibes only’.

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