Endometriosis Magnets 38mm


38mm endometriosis magnets – available with the wording ‘endo warrior’, ‘endo sister’ and ‘fight like a girl’.

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Endometriosis Magnets – 38mm

We have created these endometriosis magnets for our endo sisters out there.

There are several options to choose from – each available with the wording ‘endo warrior’, ‘endo sister’ or ‘fight like a girl’. Choose the design number that you like, with your chosen wording option.

The magnets are 38mm in size (round) and are sold individually. Bundle offers are available upon request. The magnets are made to order, using high quality machinery.

Additional information

Dimensions 3.8 × 3.8 × 0.5 cm

Design 1A – 'endo warrior', Design 1B 'endo sister', Design 1C 'fight like a girl', Design 2A – 'endo warrior', Design 2B 'endo sister', Design 2C 'fight like a girl', Design 3A – 'endo warrior', Design 3B 'endo sister', Design 3C 'fight like a girl', Design 4A – 'endo warrior', Design 4B 'endo sister', Design 4C 'fight like a girl', Design 5A – 'endo warrior', Design 5B 'endo sister', Design 5C 'fight like a girl', Design 6A – 'endo warrior', Design 6B 'endo sister', Design 6C 'fight like a girl', Design 7A – 'endo warrior', Design 7B 'endo sister', Design 7C 'fight like a girl', Design 8A – 'endo warrior', Design 8B 'endo sister', Design 8C 'fight like a girl', Design 9A – 'endo warrior', Design 9B 'endo sister', Design 9C 'fight like a girl', Design 10A – 'endo warrior', Design 10B 'endo sister', Design 10C 'fight like a girl', Design 11A – 'endo warrior', Design 11B 'endo sister', Design 11C 'fight like a girl', Design 12A – 'endo warrior', Design 12B 'endo sister', Design 12C 'fight like a girl', Design 13A – 'endo warrior', Design 13B 'endo sister', Design 13C 'fight like a girl'


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