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Why are pineapples a symbol of IVF and fertility?

If you’re part of the IVF and (in)fertility community, you will probably have heard a lot of talk about pineapples! You may be wondering what the deal is – how are pineapples linked to IVF and fertility? Let us help you out…

What do pineapples symbolise? 

Pineapples are seen as a symbol of good luck and hope. It’s particularly symbolic in the IVF and fertility community, because of it’s hard exterior and sweet, warm interior. This is often likened to the womb.

You may have come across the quote:

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Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.”

What about eating pineapples during IVF?

Some people say that by eating pineapple during IVF and other fertility treatments, you could increase your chances of success. The logic behind it is that it can increase blood flow to the uterus.

It is said that eating pineapple core after embryo transfer can help with success too, this is due to the bromelain content, which is found mostly in the pineapple core. Have you heard about eating McDonald’s fries after embryo transfer too? Apparently the high sodium content can help with the implantation.

It could be an old wives’ tale, or there could be some truth in it. Either way, a lot of people like to stick to the tradition and get some salty fries with a side of pineapple core, down them. And of course, take a photo with their ’embryo transfer day’ IVF milestone card to celebrate the occasion! Because, why not?! It helps to keep our minds positive. A happy mind = a happy body.

Pineapples and Fertile Mind

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The very core of our business is our range of IVF milestone cards. Our pineapple IVF milestone cards were our very first product back in 2019. We thought it was only right that pineapples should be embedded into our branding, as they represent everything that we offer – hope, positivity and of course IVF and fertility. We even added a little heart in the centre of the pineapple to illustrate the warm, loving centre of the womb and to spread the love.

We hope you’ve learnt something interesting about the relationship between pineapples and fertility, we were certainly interested when we initially found this out. 

If you’re anything like us, you will now be noticing pineapples everywhere. And you’ll probably get a little bit excited when you see them, as well. They are an important symbol in our community, after all. 

If you’re now a lover of pineapples, take a look at some of our IVF and fertility products.

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