IVF Milestone Cards

How IVF milestone cards can help you on your IVF journey

What are IVF milestone cards? 

IVF milestone cards are often used as photo props, as a way of marking a special occasion or moment. They can be used to document your IVF journey, from your first consultation, your first injection, scans, to your egg retrieval, transfer day and your official pregnancy test day.

What are the benefits of documenting our IVF journey with IVF milestone cards?

IVF can be a daunting process and we aren’t saying it won’t be difficult and emotional. But, we have found that by celebrating every milestone, big and small, you can turn moments of possible dread and anxiety into a positive experience.

Of course, we’re not denying that IVF and fertility treatments are challenging and very hard at times, but by shining a positive light onto the situation, we believe that it can alter your mindset, making you happier and healthier. 

What do Fertile Mind’s IVF milestone cards include?

Our IVF milestone cards come with the below messaging (including EN-US spelling). We have tried to cover most milestones, but we understand that everyone’s journey is unique, so we also offer additional cards with bespoke wording, or even, fully bespoke sets. Just get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Our IVF cards include:

  • The journey begins
  • First consultation
  • Scan day
  • First injection
  • Time to inject
  • Stims scan
  • Trigger injection
  • Egg retrieval day
  • ___ eggs retrieved
  • Embryo fertilisation day / embryo fertilization day
  • ___ embryos fertilised / ___ embryos fertilized
  • ___ embryos frozen
  • Embryo transfer day
  • Officially PUPO!
  • Two week wait
  • One week to go
  • Official test day
  • It’s positive
  • The journey continues
  • We’re pregnant!

We have several designs available, but can offer bespoke designs too. Get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about bespoke sets.

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